Lost Souls

Final Edition of ‘P-I’ Rolls Off the Press

The last print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer rolled off the presses this morning, with a commemorative issue.

The paper accentuates the positive, with the top hed on the site proclaiming, “One era ends, another begins.” It opens: “The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will print its final edition Tuesday and become the nation’s largest daily newspaper to shift to an entirely digital news product.”

The AP account reads: “The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published a thick commemorative issue tracing the history of Seattle’s oldest newspaper as its final print edition. “The last edition of the P-I began rolling off the presses at a suburban printing plant shortly after 10 p.m. Monday. The front page of the commemorative section featured a headline saying, ‘You’ve meant the world to us,’ and a photo of the 30-foot neon globe atop the P-I’s building, which has a slogan rotating around the equator saying, ‘It’s in the P-I.’

“The paper was to be delivered wrapped with 20 to 24 pages of photos and stories on the P-I’s 146-year-old history.”

A video at our blog shows the staff describing their jobs and saying farewell and “what breaks my heart the most.” And “we’ve always given voice to the powerless and the voiceless.”

Someone recalls wanting to be Lois Lane of the Daily Planet as a kid and here she was, working at the only paper with a globe on the roof. And: “I’ll miss the people who worked under the globe….the frantic pace to do it well and do it first.”

“The P-I basketball team.”

“I’m a photographer and the most I’ll miss is its great view of the bay.”

“The sunsets.”

“Making a difference in a city I love.”

-Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher


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