The Cliche Alphabet

This is an alphabetical account of some of journalism’s worst cliches. Popular but unnecessary, these terms and phrases are a thorn in my side. Ahem, I mean, they’re bad.

Armed Gunman


Cautiously Optimistic


E-whatever: The other day, I got an e-mail message about protecting my e-commerce with some premium e-surance.

Flip-flop (as a verb)

Green: Also “Going Green” and “Greening your business.”

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Revived in our time of economic woe.

I-whatever: iListen to my iPod on my iHome

Jump on the Bandwagon

Knuckle Down

Level the Playing Field

Make Ends Meet: No one, especially single mothers, can seem to do it these days.

Negative Growth


Protecting Your Investment

Quality of Life: Politicians love this one.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for _____.

Staycation: As opposed to “vacation” when gas prices are too high.

Thinking Outside the Box

Undisclosed Price: I’m tired of seeing this on the business page.

Victim: Everyone’s a victim!

Wall Street vs. Main Street

X for “ex”: Examples include Xtreme, Xtra, etc.  

Yes We Can!: Thank you, President Obama.

Zero Tolerance


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