Buy a Newspaper; Save a Groundhog

CHICAGO – Monday is “National Buy a Newspaper Day,” a phenomenon birthed, appropriately enough for these confused times in the business, on the Internet.

Chris Freiberg, the public safety reporter for the Fairbanks (Alaska) Daily News-Miner, created the day with a site on Nearly 20,000 have joined the event, promising to buy a copy of a printed newspaper on Monday.

Freiberg’s Facebook entry begins by quickly sketching the parlous state of the industry, with the possible imminent disappearance of dailies in Seattle and Denver. He laments the end of home delivery most of the week by Detroit’s dailies.

“If things get really bad, some experts say that some small towns might not have any paper by 2010,” he writes. “And that’s a shame. Unlike radio which has become dominated by opinion or TV news which only looks for the 30 second sound bite, the local newspaper digs deep every day to get you, the reader, the full story on what’s happening in your town.”

-Editor & Publisher


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